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Essence Of Mind - After The Break Up EP (2016)
19.05.16 12:06
At the release of last years poignant and very emotional The Break Up! album, Erlend Eilertsen had promised us some "after the break up" new sonic adventures... Well here we are with an 8-track follow-up EP!

After The Break Up marks both the end of an era, and a brand new start for ESSENCE OF MIND who are embracing the present and future with full energy and renewed dynamic vibes, leaving all the nostalgic past behind once for all...

This new release features 4 brand new songs showing the bands creative and diverse music scope After The Break Up is an uplifting melodic song (whose video clip shows the bands stage high energy and passionate devotion) whose highly emotional touch gets nicely highlighted through the remix work of Chris R & Jaroslav Vyhnička and their piano/strings-rock crossover version, as well as the epic carrying EDM electro remix by ExoSun. The Greater Unknown is a more uptempo club song gathering ESSENCE OF MINDs characteristic cocktail of pop rock and industrial dance with Erlends unique powerful and charismatic catchy vocals While Surrender subtly fuses the melodic strength of the band with its more hard-hitting powerful side, the big sounding ballad Until Were Dead makes us reach other highlights on this release together with the successful uptempo drumnbass remix of The Other Side by VIGILANTE.

ESSENCE IF MINDs lush sound style comes highly recommended to fans of LINKIN PARK, DEPECHE MODE, PRODIGY, PENDULUM, APOPTYGMA BERZERK, ZEROMANCER, etc.

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